The Depressing Truth About Grief

It is okay to feel sad from time to time, and it honestly helps people to understand the emotional distinction. However, too much sadness consumes them. Grieving people become more susceptible to numbness, though they are doing fun activities with friends and family. The presence of sorrow eventually grows into anxiety and depression.


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Depression: Information for Patients and Families


Mental illness awareness is going strong these days thanks to the effort of agencies advocating a better understanding of these disorders. Moreover, people through the aid of technology can easily access knowledge, thoughts, and ideas regarding the subject matter. For instance, with depression, there is countless news of suicides due to depression. Another is the admittance of celebrities and ordinary individuals through social media that they are undergoing depression. Oftentimes, admittance of such disorder is countered by endless words of encouragement, support and unspoken question of whys. There is no correct and exact answer for the “why” of depression. Experts claim that it is the myriad of factors: coping mechanism, life experiences, genetics, neurotransmitters, support system, etc. Depression has no prejudice which simply means it is seen in all types or classes of people. Even the rich and famous is not exempted from the illness.

“The causes of depression are heterogeneous. Thus, treatment providers should not use a generic treatment for depression,” writes Marwa Azab Ph.D.

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A Quick Look On Depression



Are you feeling down and unmotivated to do activities that you once enjoyed? Do seek solace in sleep? Do you find yourself down and sad without apparent reason? Do you have extreme feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness? Do you neglect your health and self-care routines? If you have experienced these, then it might be best to seek professional help. These symptoms are common in depression but may also be caused by other pathologic disorder.

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How To Help A Person With Depression

Many people loosely use the term “depression.” Some people insist that they are depressed when in fact, they are not. These are the individuals who are not capable of distinguishing depression from mere exhaustion, sadness or despair. In a strict sense, depression refers to a condition wherein a person is suffering from feelings of severe hopelessness, unhappiness, grief, despondency, and disappointment. 

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