COVID-19 Mental Health Awareness – Self-Care Tips When You Feel Low And Broken

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the things around you, especially now that you need to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic? Are you struggling financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally? Are you feeling that everything negative is happening all at once? Sadly, when you are feeling low and broken, it becomes easy for you to convince yourself to stay in that unfortunate situation. You become less and less worried about what might happen to you because you think you are already on the ground.

Nevertheless, part of you still wants things to get better. You hope that someday, all your worries and fear will soon end up. But before that, you need to help yourself get back on track, so consider these self-care tips.


Try To Step Outside

It is ideal to follow specific protocols such as social distancing these days. It is one of the best ways to keep you away from getting infected from the virus. But your thoughts can become even louder, especially when you’re at home alone. Sometimes, you get congested with all the negativity from watching the news. So if ever you can, please step outside and get some fresh air. Make use of your chance to be alone with nature. Try to step outside for short walks, or at least utilize your lawn if you have one. Stepping outside is beneficial in clearing your head as well as improve your mood.


Take A Nap

You are not meant to experience life locked up in a room. Understandably, you are trying your best to look for ways to keep yourself busy while staying at home for quarantine. But admittedly, there are times that you don’t get enough sleep. That explains why sometimes your moods take a turn for the worse. You get cranky from the mental and emotional exhaustion. So to avoid that, consider taking a nap once or twice a day. Just curl up on the couch, try to close your eyes, and allow your mind and body to recharge. And once you wake up, you will entirely feel better.


Do A Space Makeover

During this lockdown, cleaning your space is one of the best things you can do. It can keep you distracted, which is beneficial to your emotional and mental state right now. But note, cleaning doesn’t have to be overly excessive. You can still make a difference even if you only organize or rearrange stuff in your room. Big or small, the changes you make can always enhance the atmosphere of your space. And since you are spending more time in your area, it is better to give it love and attention.


Take A Break From Social Media

As much as you want to thank the internet for keeping you busy during your lockdown experience, there is a benefit if you take a break from it. Yes, social media helps in distracting you from stress and anxiety. However, too much of it can cause a whole lot of different mental issues. It becomes a platform that adds pressure in terms of competing with other people’s lives during this pandemic. At some point, it emphasizes some of the worst situations out there that can add bitterness and sorrow to your heart. So if you think your sense of self is worth more than a digitalized reputation, step back away from social media pressure.

Reach Out

During this time, it is essential to reach out to people digitally. It is okay to tell them how you feel. Avoid shutting down yourself from everyone only because you think this pandemic is causing issues on social relationships. Be creative and talk to people. Make it a habit to communicate and allow other people to be there for you, even digitally.