Dating A Person Diagnosed With Clinical Depression

There are many challenges that you may need to face when it comes to the dating scene. You have to prepare yourself for many things, especially if you want to date a person exclusively. First of all, it is important that you have identified all your deal-breakers so that it will be easier on your part to know whether staying with a particular person is the right thing to do. Second, be sure that you have accepted all the great stuff and even the flaws of the person that you are dating. The key to the success of a relationship is constant understanding and acceptance.


One of the challenges that may come your way is finding out that the man you love has clinical depression. This can be terrifying at first, but once you get the hang of it, everything will become lighter. Below are some of the suggested things that you can do to deal with the situation:


  1. Try To Create Balance

At this point, it is essential to point out that a relationship is composed of two people. This means that your concern must not only be about your partner but also for yourself. The truth is that loving a depressed individual is not an easy thing to do. Because of this, the duty of prioritizing yourself is something that you must never forget.

Find the balance in your relationship. When you do this, you would be able to avoid the negative emotions of regret or remorse. Do yourself a favor by knowing and doing what makes you happy too. “You will no doubt have many emotional reactions as you support your partner through their depression. Be aware of these things and find outlets for expression of these and other needs through alternative avenues (friends, supportive family, therapy, etc.),” says Kimberly Ciardella, LMFT.

Only then can you share your love and appreciation to the other person.


  1. Support Your Partner

The feeling of depression can be tiresome on the part of your partner. He may feel that he is too burdened with sufferings. Because of this, there is a high tendency that he would choose to shut you away. There could be days wherein he would just stay at home and neglect your presence. Please know that it is not about you. Instead, try to understand the situation and respect his decisions or choices. “Those who struggle with depression tend to isolate themselves from others and it is not uncommon for them to reject help. Therefore, it is so important for loved ones to support those in their lives who are struggling with depression,” says Marla Deibler, PsyD. Sometimes, he needs to take a break from everything. Assure him that you will always be there, whenever he needs you.


  1. Communicate Properly

Always remember that communication is vital in every relationship. Make sure that you can tell your partner everything that comes into your mind as well as what you are feeling. Do not try to hide your emotions to him, as it can only make the situation worse. At the same time, also have open arms for the one you love. Let him know that you would feel good to hear his thoughts. Whenever there are problems in the relationship, talk about it. Ritu Reimer, LPC says, “As presumed as it may seem, it is very valuable to say it and show it.”

Just be sure that to make an effort in communicating correctly. Avoid using harsh words or deeds as it can make him feel more depressed and unwanted.


Again, dating a person with depression is challenging. Before you start a relationship with a clinically depressed individual, make sure that you are up for the challenge.