Knowing God Is Not Too Bad When You Have Depression

Religion has never been a significant part of my life. Even when I was growing up, I had never seen my parents pick up a Bible or go to a church. But then, when I got diagnosed with depression last year, a friend invited me to the God and Depression Conference 2019.


I genuinely had no desire to attend the conference, especially not when it sounded like a religious one. However, I saw how much my friend wanted me to come, and she rarely asked me for anything—it was always the other way around. So, I allowed her to drag me to the event.

During the first hour, I was already bored. A Roman Catholic organization organized the conference, so there was a church mass at first. As the hours went by, I found myself listening about people’s testimonials about how God helped them. That inspired me to welcome Him in my life for the first time, hoping to overcome my depression naturally. 

I realized that it was the best decision because:

It Felt Like Having A New Friend But Without The Adverse Side Effects

A typical friend is comparable to a double-edged sword in the sense that it can protect or stab you. However, when you befriend God, you need not worry about dealing with a potential backstabber. You can tell Him all your issues, and no one else will hear about them.


It Was Humbling To Hear About His Hardships

Getting to know God entails having to understand His life story through the Bible or even church songs. Either focus on everything that Jesus Christ did to save all of us and such information is humbling. It has made me think, “If God can do all that without falling into depression, I should start getting my act together.”

Final Thoughts

Whether you have depression or not, I will never force you to start knowing God now. I still don’t believe in miracles or going to church every Sunday, but I can attest to how talking to Him like a friend has helped ease my depression.