Living In A Depressing Environment


A lot of individuals may ask what makes them better individuals. Yes, there is education, well-mannered upbringing, and life status in some cases. But what they do not seem to include on the significant factors is the environment they currently have. A lot of individuals believe that the totality of their personality has something to do only with how they see, know, and learn things. But, of course, that is not true. The environment plays a significant role in making them exactly who they are.

Talking about the surrounding that people may have; what if the environment is toxic and depressing? How will it benefit them from having a better outlook in life? If the things around these individuals often make them anxious, stress, agitated, and depressed, what betterment can it give to the overall emotional, physical, and mental development?


The Change Of Perspectives

Having a depressing environment is sometimes not anyone’s fault. Since life has no certainties, there are cases that individuals cannot control their sufferings. It is very unfortunate because a lot of people with strong emotional and mental capability get consumed by their surroundings. The sad part of that is those emotionally and psychologically stable individuals eventually engage in a change of perspective. Meaning, the more they surround themselves with negativity, the more they become unable to get better. Ultimately, though they are confident and aware of themselves, they will lose the value they have for what they supposed to believe is mentally correct.

Sometimes, even if these people know what they are doing and understand the things that are happening, they start to ignore it. That is because the environment they have is unintentionally telling them to stop fighting for growth. That explains why a considerable percentage of poor-mindset individuals stay that way. These people linger to negativity instead of trying to get out of their comfort zones. These people tell themselves that it is okay to be like that because everybody is the same. And when someone is trying to work his way out, he then becomes a trying-hard outcast.

You see, that kind of mentality is nothing but complete garbage. People lie to themselves and force themselves to think that they are satisfied with everything. But the truth is, these individuals long for overall development. If given a chance, they will try and change things the way it is supposed to happen.



A depressing environment is a choice. Yes, if things matter, people will try and create a better surrounding. And it is not due to their wants, but because of their needs. There should always be a consideration when it comes to choosing what is beneficial for emotional and mental health. Because if there is none, the individuals can already expect the worse to come in their lives. Determining what is best for one’s development is not hard, though the process is not simple. But regardless of that, no one should deprive themselves of having a better environment. That is especially when the growth of their personality gets dependent on it.