Signs You Might Have Depression

For most people, depression is not that obvious or easy to spot.  That’s perhaps because every individual differs in every situation. However, in a lot of circumstances, it contains ranging mood swings and intense feeling of hopelessness. Depression can also vary from mild to severe cases depending on the factors affecting it. But whatever reasons there may be, still, it has the habit of crawling up and destroying people’s functions in an everyday routine. It is the main reason why a lot of people often struggle with mental condition silently. So with that, we present a therapist’s top signs that can determine if a person is struggling with depression.


Getting Overly Busy

It is understandable that getting busy usually keeps you away from a mental and emotional dilemma. It is somehow an effective way to reduce anxiety and overthinking as well. And the older you get, it becomes more natural to stock up your schedules doing duties and responsibilities. However, when you are depressed, it becomes a means of escape. From there, you tend to drown yourself in work because it allows you to forget significant issues you need to handle in life. Working overly busy becomes your excuse of not taking care of health, not handling your decisions well, and not caring about others too. You find satisfaction in the intent of ignoring sensitive issues that may be triggering your mental illness.

Can’t Make Up Your Mind

When you are depressed, you psychologically lose the grey matter of your subconscious. It is the part of the brain that facilitates your mood, motivation, and decision-making capabilities. With that, you tend to lose control over the right decisions even on the smallest ones you do daily. That’s why sometimes choosing what food to eat can be a struggle. There’s a lack of determination and focus which somehow leads to the detestation of things around you. With that, you eventually shut down your logical thinking and instinct because you already set your mind that you can never turn things around once you made a wrong choice.

“Difficulty concentrating can also be an indicator that your mood is starting to take a dive. This often happens in response to increases in repetitive negative thinking like rumination, when people dwell on past mistakes or try to solve unanswerable questions,” explains Sarah Kertz, licensed psychologist.


It’s Hurting Everywhere

Depression can cause you a lot of pain. For many people, there are several unexplainable physical symptoms such as headache and back pain. That’s also true when it comes to having chronic diseases which eventually get linked to depression along with other various mental and physical issues. With that, you find yourself trapped in difficulty in sleeping, eating, and even thinking critically. There’s also a buildup of stress and low self-esteem. In unfortunate cases, you tend to feel uncomfortable doing the things you used to love and starting to hate the stuff that once gives you pleasure.

“Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness often result in an individual seeking to be alone rather than spend time with family, friends and colleagues. A sudden change in routine with exercise, dining out or a favorite hobby might be a sign of depression,” says Arian Elfant, clinical psychologist.

There’s Weight Imbalance

“Most people only think of reduced appetite and getting less sleep. We can actually see increases in appetite and people wanting to do nothing but sleep with depression as well,” says Nikole Benders-Hadi, adult psychologist.

When you either gain or lost a lot of weight in an instant, it’s something you should consider checking. Since depression can affect all functions of the body, there are instant swings that are prone to occur, either one way or another. When your appetite went down or up, it can be due to the emotional pain you are currently having. That is because when you feel sad and down, you often don’t want to eat. However, not because you are eating a lot does not also mean you are healthy and okay. There are instances that your cravings only represent a “fill up” on the void you have in your life.


You Hate Everything

When you are depressed, you have this feeling of hating everything around you. The slightest things become a big deal and set you off. You need to understand that irritability is the most common sign that people overlooked when they are depressed. A lot of individuals assume that getting impatient and agitated has nothing to do with depression, but there is. There are more going on underneath your every frustration and sighs.

In some cases, you also feel angry and teary at the same time. There is an enormously heavy load inside that you can’t seem to contain and explain. That is the reason why you instantly break and cry than usual because you have trouble controlling your tears.

You may believe that you are healthy inside in out because you feel there’s nothing wrong with you. However, depression works silently. You might never realize you have it until you experience the symptoms of it.