What Happens When You Surround Yourself With Depressed People?

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Are you familiar with the saying, “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are?” Well, guess what, that is entirely one of the most known quotes that people use to define someone’s personality. In this case, it is not about the behavior or habits that matter. It is about the current mental state of those people you surround yourself with. If you think these people’s mental condition has nothing to do with you, then you might want to reconsider. Yes, there are instances that it is not a big of a deal. But surrounding yourself with depressed people can make a significant impact.

Things Become Overwhelming

When you surround yourself with people who continuously have a lot on their plate, there is a tendency that you will become too involved. Sometimes, that involvement leads to sharing the same sentiments towards what these people are going through. No, it is not a bad thing. But what connects it to negativity is its impact on your life. The consumption of too much bad vibes can make you feel anxious and stress over nothing in particular. With that, there is a chance you might lose motivation and entirely feel unwilling to do anything.

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You Get Drown With The Crowd

One thing that is evident when it comes to toxicity is the wrong method of accepting it. For some people, they try to understand the cause of stressful situations in their lives so they can find a way to work on it. However, there is someone like you who chooses to get down with the crowd. As a result, you get even closer to the negative impact of those depressed people in your lives. If that happens, all of you in the circle is more likely to become trapped in an unfortunate situation. From that state, recovery becomes impossible, and sources of help become insufficient.

There’s Emotional And Mental Instability

The best definition of the toxicity comes from those people who can never find the right reasons to stay happy and positive. If you are the one that is fortunate enough to stabilize your emotional and mental health, then it is better to keep up that way. Because if you allow depressed people to input negative things in your head, you can expect mental and emotional instability to come your way. Chances are, you become more unaware of yourself because you get consumed by the issues these depressed people have in their lives.

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You Lose The Confidence

In case it still doesn’t bother you that the toxic people you surround yourself with are unhealthy, you might want to check on your confidence. Ask yourself if you are even thinking the same way after a couple of negative thoughts you get from those depressed people. If you are not happy with the evaluation, then do something about it. The loss of your self-confidence is a sign that you are now one of these unfortunate individuals.

Now you choose. Would you stick with toxic people and become one of them. Or would you aim for self-betterment and cut them off? Your time starts now.