Understanding Post-Adoption Depression

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Some couples cannot have a baby of their own. No matter how many years of trying, they still end up with just the hope of holding a little angel in their arms. So instead of prolonging the agony, some couples decide to go through the process of adoption. But like any other life-altering decision, there are many considerations and consequences that should be pondered upon before finally going through the process. Many couples ignore those things because of the excitement they are feeling. They believe that adoption could once and for all be the solution for their longing for a child. Continue reading Understanding Post-Adoption Depression

Teenage Depression


During the time that teenagers undergo puberty, they experience a lot of things and pressures like trying to fit in, finding their identity, accepting their sexuality, treading on love, and more. With their hormones all in chaos, thanks to biology, it’s difficult to know whether they’re depressed or not. However, your support and love as their family can significantly help your teen in this fragile state.

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Anti-Depressants And Weight Gain

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Persons taking antidepressants often complain of weight gain. At least 25% reported that they had gained weight while on the medication and this somehow added more injury to the present situation. In cases like this, doctors would recommend a change in the prescription, consultation with a dietician, and to increase activity levels like doing exercise and another thing that can boost one’s metabolism.

Experts often state that losing weight is just eating less and shedding the calories by exercising however many individuals practice this simple formula but still no significant weight loss was seen, or they have reached a plateau where their exercise routine and eating fewer calories does not give the once useful results. In this article, we will explore on ways how to lose that extra weight.


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Beyond Madness: When Grief Morphs Into Paranoia

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A thesaurus lists some words synonymous with madness, and one of these is paranoia. But while these two words are interchangeable in writing and speaking, there’s a huge gap that separates being sad to being depressed.

And this separation isn’t just about the degree of how we feel them, either.

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